CSST Gas Piping
Corrugated stainless steel tubing or commonly known as “CSST” is flexible gas piping used to convey natural gas or propane to household appliances such as water heaters,furnaces, and fireplaces. Research has been presented showing, if direct or indirect lightning strikes a structure where yellow CSST is installed but not properly bonded, it is
possible for the electrical energy to arc and penetrate the tubing, potentially causing gas leaks or fires in some cases.
Manufacturers have estimated CSST has been installed in more than 150,000
homes in Oklahoma, where many of these installations occurred prior to new installation guidelines and code changes. Due to the high volume of electrical storms in Oklahoma and the desire of the Construction Industries Board to protect life and property, this proposed emergency rule is requested in order to raise awareness of these dangers and promote public safety.
Information from Construction Industry Board, recent changes

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